About Us


Building blockchain applications
for the 21st century.

Blockchain Studio was founded on August 1st 2018 as part of the CyberAgent Group, with the explicit purpose of researching and developing applications on top of the blockchain.

In recent years, blockchain technologies have increasingly been adopted in numerous domains outside of virtual currencies.
Consensus algorithms and hash chains in particular have been drawing the industry’s attention as means to build digital trust, an aspect that the CyberAgent Group is looking to strengthen in its broad spectrum of services.
To that end, and to also tap into new markets, our goal at Blockchain Studio is to develop novel applications that make use of blockchain technologies.

Blockchain research

Technological innovation in the blockchain domain is fast paced due to the community’s speed of development.
We aim to be at the forefront of the latest technology research and also make our findings available publicly in the future.

Business research

Technological innovation or service ideas alone do not necessarily lead to a successful business.
At Blockchain Studio we don’t stop at just using the blockchain, but we pursue new markets by envisioning and building new user experiences that only the blockchain can enable.

Service development

We are now actively implementing a new blockchain based service.
At the current stage of technology this doesn’t necessarily mean completely relying on the blockchain, but rather introducing the technology to subsets of the service functionality for which it makes sense.